Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Midterm Presentation

Concept Statement:

Our goal is to develop a transit oriented site which will connect two highly important transportation systems in the city of Atlanta without disturbing the historical district of Washington Park. Our design principles throughout the project are focused on the ideas of movement and rhythm. The urban scheme draws upon solid and void relationships by providing exterior plazas and green spaces between the buildings.

We also sought to establish important circulation paths which would tie the exterior spaces together. In reaction to the predominently residential surroundings, our design concept is mindful of the issues of scale and materials.

In addition to the MARTA rail stations we have made a conscious effort to develop a program which will enhance commercial activity that is suitable for the residents of the neighborhood as well as the daily commuter. Finally, we felt that it was important to give back to the community through the new development. The presence of an African American Cultural Center would give the members of the community a place to congregate for social events and educate people about the rich history of the Washington Park neighborhood.